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Looking for something about Django Reinhardt? Or about gypsyjazz? Or have you been to this fantastic festival and want to know more about it? Do you want to play guitar like Django Reinhardt, Fapy Lafertin or Bireli Lagrène? (forget it!!) (Or never stop practizing)
Are you looking for any information at all about this fabulous kind of music, the hot-club-du-france-style?
On this site your journey must start, for here you'll find all the sites and links available. Missing some? Just send me a mail or sign the guestbook and I'll put it on the list!!

Have fun!
Jean Zijta

(coming soon: movies - more videos guitar lessons - image gallery)


mar 11 2021 History Swinguez

jan 27 2019 History How the nazi's wiped out the Romani Middleclass

Nov 28 2017 Equipment, Guitars Various guitar links

Sep 18 2017 Equipment, Guitars Boonstra Guitars

Jul 26 2017 Courses see tab "Websites": Adrian Holovaty's voicings and "Apprendre Le Jazz manouche"

Jul 26 2017 Equipment Luthiers and "Le créateur de ST48" to be found under Equipment (Guitars and Various)

Jun 30 2017 Artists Let´s Be Gypsies

Apr 20 2017 Festivals To all Dutchies: this Saturday, Gipsy festival in Leek, near Groningen!
Gipsy Festival Borg Nienoord 22 April

Don't miss out on the 15th Festival Django in Liberchies, Belgium!
Festival Django @ Liberchies 13-14 May

And last but not least: the 38th Festival Django Reinhardt!
The opening takes place at the village of Samois, then the festival moves to the parc of Chateau de Fontainebleau.
Festival Django Reinhardt 1 and 6-7 July

Apr 20 2017 NEW: Media - Gallery Check out the brand new image gallery, starting with lots of pictures of Django Reinhardt!
It's a link to our Pinterest profile, you don't need to sign in.
More media coming soon!

Apr 20 2017 Artists Les Frères Bouchard

Jan 16 2017 Festivals To all Dutchies: next weekend, Django festival in Amsterdam!
Django Amsterdam 20-22 January

Django Festival Oslo 20-21 January
Django Sur Lennon 27-30 October

Aug 1 2016 Artists Trio Blue Skies

July 29 2016 Festivals North Sea Gipsy Festival Hoek van Holland 11-14 August
The Django Reinhardt NY Festival 2-7 August

July 26 2016 Festivals

Django Reinhardt Fest Tilburg 21/8/2016
Django Reinhardt Gipsy Festival The Hague 16/10/2016

July 18 2016 Artists

Remy & The Gipsy Birds

July 13 2016 Calendar

Fresh new look for the festival calendar!

Mai 18 2016 New Artists

Croque Manouche (from Antwerpen)

April 22 2016 Several stuff

Bernie Lehmann (Lehmann Guitars)
Luthier: Roy Eneas (Royal Jazz Guitar)
Luthier: Gary Zimnicki
Luthier: Cyril Gaffiero
Picks: Manouche Picks
Artists: Quartier Latin
Artists (new website): Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band

April 09 2016 Culture

Family Tree (Stamboom) Django Reinhardt, starting with the marriage of Michel Reinhardt and Caroline Lafertin(

April 06 2016 Festivals

Raduno, Italy
Brisbane, Australia

New Artist Tcha Limberger
Fomihiko Kono
March 30 2016 Festivals

Gossington , UK
Frank Vignola Guitar Camp,Crested Butte, USA
Grappelli-Django Camp, Netherlands

March 26 2016 Festivals

Djangofolllies, Belgium
Marchmanouche, Wales
Crested Butte, USA
Hildesheim, Germany
Salbris, France
Tilburg, Netherlands
Samois s/Seine, France
Northhampton, USA
Liberchies, Belgium
Swansea, Wales
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aug 06 2014 New Artist David Niglo Emerald Grunholz

Jul 05 2014 New Artist Christine Tassan et les Imposteures
Listen to "C'est l'heure de l'ap�ro", also performed at the Samois Festival in june 2014

Jul 04 2014 New General (TABS, Chords) Grilles Manouches (playback and chords (grilles)

Jun 19 2014 New Artist Eva Sur Seine

June 18 2014 Festival Samois Sur Seine 2014

March 27 2014 Festival Zillesheim 2014

March 27 2014 Festival Liberchies 2014

Nov 28 2013 New Artist Deanna Knight and The Hotclub of Mars

Oct 22 2013 New Luthier JB Castelluccia

Jul 18 2013 New Artist Django Collective Helsinki

Jul 17 2013 New Artist Jonny Hepbir

Jul 14 2013 New CD by New Artist Factsheet Expressions (Newest CD Wawau Adler)(WORD file)
Listen to "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life"!! Wonderful performance

Jul 10 2013 New Artist Djangologie

Jul 02 2013 New Artist Dario Alegre

Jul 02 2013 New Artist-website Monsieur Camembert

Jul 02 2013 New Artist-website Mayo Hubert

Jul 02 2013 New Artist Mauro Albert

Jul 01 2013 Guitar Shopping Gypsyguitar.de

Jul 01 2013 Guitar Shopping Occasions on http://www.leboncoin.fr

Jul 01 2013 Guitar Shopping Guitar's Place (Li�ge-Luik)

Jul 01 2013 New Artist Gypsy Groove

Jun 20 2013 New Artist Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band

Jun 09 2013 Festival Festival Jazz Manouche Zillisheim, Alsace 11th june 2013 (this week!!!)

Jun 09 2013 New Artist Trio Swing d'Autrefois

Jun 09 2013 Artist, new website Souvenirs

Jun 06 2013 Festival Romani, USA 17 aug 2013 Festival Romani, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Portland, Oregon, USA

Jun 04 2013 Festival Paris 21 june 2013 Festival Jazz Musette, St Ouen, Paris, France

Jun 04 2013 Publication- Books GypsyJazz Guitar (Bertino Rodmann)

June 3 2013 Festival Django Reinhardt "Samois Sur Seine" 26 June - 30 july 2013:
Line-up of the 2013 edition of the Django Reinhardt festival in Samois Sur Seine!

Jun 03 2013 New Workshop (Courses) Gypsy Jazz Workshop (Germany)


Feb 25 2013 Watch now videos of guitar lessons Finally... Check out the first playlist --> online courses by Gonzalo Bergara. With over 40 videos of play alongs to help you practice! Videos


Feb 07 2013 New Artist Daniel Givone

Feb 07 2013 Courses Gypsy Jazz Guitar Online (to be found under "workshops")

Feb 07 2013 New Artist Swingology (from Liverpool)

Feb 07 2013 Festival 4th and 5th mai 2013, Liberchies

Jan 26 2013 Festival 30th march, Gipsyjazzfestival, Arnhem

Jan 26 2013 Holidays Django Camp june 18th up mid-day on sunday the 23th, Northampton, England

Jan 26 2013 Festivals/Courses_Holidays Gypsy Jazz Guitar Week with Kevin Nolan & Samy Daussat, Narthiac, Dordogne, France

Dec 4 2012 New Artist Sinti Swing Quartet

Dec 4 2012 Festival Festival Django Reinhardt Hildesheim 5-7 july 2013

Dec 4 2012 New Artist Rodolphe Raffalli

Dec 4 2012 New Website well known artist Paulus Sch�fer

Dec 3 2012 Festival Rock Django & Jazz Django 8 decembre 2012

Dec 2 2012 Festival (august 2013) Django's Erben, Koblenz, 16 & 17 august 2013 ( actual website not yet available)

Nov 28 2012 Another radio Station (and...iPad compatible!)(you need to registrate) Live 365.com BENI

Nov 28 2012 Another radio Station (iPad compatible)(you need to registrate) Live 365.com Hot Club Radio

Nov 28 2012 New Artist Hot Club Of Philladelphia

Nov 26 2012 From now on Gypsyjazz-Radio Jazzradio-gypsyjazz

Nov 26 2012 New Artist Mayo Hubert

Nov 26 2012 New Luthiers Vox Humana Stefan Hahl Gitarrenbaumeister

Nov 26 2012 New artist Guitario

Nov 25 2012 New artist Thomas Baggerman Trio

Nov 21 2012 New artist Jazz Gitan (with Don Price)

Nov 21 2012 New Festival Django Gipsy Festival Delft 16 december 2012

Nov 21 2012 New artist Doug Munro (La Pompe Attack)

Nov 20 2012 New artist Hotclub d'Europe

Nov 20 2012 New artist Thomas Dutronc

Nov 20 2012 New artist The Dixieland Gipsy Band

Nov 20 2012 New artist Brady Winterstein Trio

June 24 2012 New artist Paho Saga

June 24 2012 Festival "Gipsy's in het park" in Oostkamp 18 augustus 2012:
10th edition of the Gipsy's in het park festival in Oostkamp(Belgium).

June 6 2012 Equipment: Various Django Reinhardt for Band In A Box!

June 6 2012 Publications: new book Gypsyjazz Guitar by Bertino Rodman

May 27 2012 Courses: new workshop Tim Robinson Gypsy Jazz lessons

May 9 2012 Festival "Swing 41" in Salbris 1 June - 3 June 2012:
11th edition of the Swing 41 festival in Salbris (France). Keep on Swinging!
With Joscho Stephan Trio, Dorado Schmitt Quintet and more..

May 8 2012 Festival Django Reinhardt "Samois Sur Seine" 27 June - 01 juli 2012:
Line-up of the 2012 edition of the Django Reinhardt festival in Samois Sur Seine!

May 7 2012 Renovation Added contact form

May 5 2012 Renovation Time for something else... HotClub Links has a new look!

May 4 2012 New artist La Barrio Manouche

Feb 21 2012 New CD Gustav Lundgren plays Django Reinhardt

Feb 16 2012 Guitarshop and Guitarmuseum Gypsyguitars.com & Guitars Di Mauro

Feb 14 2012 Courses: Musical holidays Music and Sun Muziekvakanties

Feb 12 2012 New festival Jazz Au Theatre, Fontainebleau, april

Feb 10 2012 New bands and artists Naguine

Feb 8 2012 Update Festvals

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